GreatWall 99, also known as GW99, is an online casino platform you would not want to miss. It offers more than 50 different types of games. Players surely can find satisfactions and never get bored by playing on GW99. Slot games, fishing games, arcade games and casino games can be found here.


Slot games are the most played game on GW99 as they are the easiest to play. Slot games based solely on luck and players only have to pick an amount and the lines they wish to bet and click spin. Guess what? By doing these few simple and easy steps, one can bring back huge amount of rewards. Besides that, GW99 offers different forms of rewards, such as additional payout, free bonus, free games. Some of the slot games are based on classic and nostalgic themes which definitely will recall players’ childhood times.


GW99 is an online casino game application that is compatible with Android devices and Iphone. It also supports desktop version. The game supports 3D high definition gaming graphics, which gives players a new experience and the small details of the games are emphasized to provide the best user experience.


Ocean King, Ocean King 2, Animal Ban, Jue Zhan Tian Xia, Fong Shen and Crazy Monkey are the games that you should definitely try. The games are always improved and up to date to the latest version to fix all the glitches and problems.


Do you think this is the perfect platform for you to bet? Download the game now and start enjoying all the fantastic games and rewards.


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